What’s On in June

Tuesday Night SmartPhone Quiz
Tuesday 2 June from 7.30pm
Hosted by The White Horse Bedford

It’s back again!!

Whilst you can’t get to the pub to Quiz, we can now bring the Pub Quiz to you!

Speedquizzing has been rewritten for the ultimate virtual pub quiz from home.

Grab your fave tipple and get ready to play the White Horse Lockdown Quiz. Usually the hugely popular Sunday SmartPhone Quiz.

You will need to run some software called Zoom on a laptop/desktop/tablet so you can see & hear the quizmaster (Steve). I’ll ask you the questions and you answer through the SpeedQuizzing Live app on your phone/tablet.

Zoom Meeting Room ID: 214-901-2001

Go to your App Store and download the Speedquizzing Live app.

I’m here to help – If you encounter any problems or need some help setting up contact me via Facebook or email at


Look forward to seeing you in the virtual White Horse on Tuesday evening.

Steve (Quizmaster)

Other dates 9/06/2020 – 16/06/2020 – 23/06/2020 and 30/06/2020

Crocodiles Rock! – Nature Live Online
Tuesday 2 June 12:00 – 13:00

Public · Live video by Natural History Museum, London

Of all of the reptiles found today on Earth, few are more closely linked to their prehistoric relatives than the crocodile.
But how ancient are these creatures? What was the earliest croc and how have they changed throughout history? Join palaeontologist Lorna Steel as we discover the incredible history of these fearsome predators.

Suitable for ages 12+

Hang out with the Nature Live Online team on Tuesdays at 12.00 and Fridays at 10.30 for interactive talks featuring topical discussions with our scientists and cutting-edge research.

All events are free to watch on our website: https://bit.ly/Nature-Live-Online-FB

Nature Live Online is free to view on the Museum’s website, YouTube channel or Facebook page. Please note you do not need to enter any personal information to watch these broadcasts, although you will need to log in to Facebook or YouTube in order to leave a comment.

Meditation & Mindfulness Course
Wednesday 3 June from 19:30

Bringing a daily practice into your life can calm the mind and help the body to relax and heal by actually changing the physiological and psychological parts of the brain. It can help your brain, and body, age better! As well as being proven to help ease anxiety and depression and improve overall wellbeing.
Add that to the benefits of coming together and meditating in a socially connected group, and you’ve got a winning combination!
Whether you’re an experienced mediator, a complete beginner or have been attending and enjoying my (or anyone else’s) online meditations since lockdown began, you will get benefit from joining this 5-week program. We all learn in different ways, and some techniques work better than others, in these sessions we will explore different ways that work for you!
I’m offering this at an online discount of £25 for the first 3 people to sign on, then it goes up to £30 for the 5 weeks, what you get for that is;
* A weekly 45-minute online class meet up via zoom, to go through and learn new techniques in a small group together, with plenty of time for personal tuition. – if you can’t make a session, they are all recorded so you can catch up later. Each week we focus on a different way to meditate, or learn a mindfulness or breathing technique, so you build up a personal toolkit of different techniques that will work for you!
*The class is recorded, with all the meditations and guided visualizations to keep and refer back to
message me via email to reserve your space, numbers on each course are limited; sam@aurorastar.co.uk

ZOOM Intro to Ballet for Adults
Wednesday 3 June from 18:00

Hosted by Pascal School of Dance

Learn classical ballet based on the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. This is a very basic online ballet class while we are on lock down for complete beginners. It will focus on the basic positions of the feet and arms, we will look at correct posture and alignment and you will learn some short exercises set to classical music. It is advisable to do this class before moving up to ‘Beginners Adult Ballet’. I hope you can join me & enjoy the satisfying feeling that ballet will give you.
Classes are £5 each.
Email pascaldance@outlook.com for joining and payment details

Other Dates, 10/06/2020, 17/06/2020, 24/06/2020

Only Fools & Horses Virtual Quiz
Thursday 4 June from 20:00

We’re bringing you an Only Fools & Horses quiz. Tune in on our Facebook Live at 8pm on The Virtual Quiz Club and let’s raise for the NHS!


1. Donate £2 (or more!) to our NHS fundraiser here:
2. ‘Like’ The Virtual Quiz Club page here:
3. Tune in on the Facebook page at the event time and play along with the Facebook Live stream.*

*do not click on any links other than from The Virtual Quiz Club page!


We suggest that you grab a pen and paper and play with friends and family while on a FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp or Houseparty call. The more the merrier!

❓Length of quiz – We aim for the quizzes to take 1hour
❓Answers – will be revealed after the quiz and available on our Facebook page and Website.

Covid-19 has caused devastation across the globe and here in the UK our NHS are fighting to save our loved ones.

NHS Charities Together has launched a Covid-19 Urgent Appeal and all fund raised will go directly to providing essential support for the amazing NHS staff and volunteers.

We don’t make any money from doing these quizzes and have started this to support our NHS Heroes across the country who are fighting to save lives.

Donation link: https://wearepercent.com/cause/169119

Stay at home. Start quizzing.

Coaching, Conversation and (Re) Connection
Friday 5 June from 11:30

Take some time out for you – Self development and great connections. A monthly gathering of fabulous women with a love of learning!

Reconnections is a membership group which offers a unique way of making new connections. It’s all about exploring topics of self development and psychology.

It’s about sharing and supporting each other.

No pitching , no sales – just great conversation and relationship building alongside 2 hours of professional coaching from best selling author and Self Esteem Therapist Ali Moore.

This month we are diving into the world of triggers – understanding what causes them, what happens in our mind and body – looking at how they come across as defence actions including phobia’s, panic and OCD.

Then applying the concepts of Mindful Living and Compassion Led Therapy to learn to step away from these.

More Details and tickets Available Here

Saturday 6 June from 19:30

Join me Saturday 30th may for a MAMMOTH game of prize bingo!




Online Gravity Yoga Class from The Healing Shed Bedford
Monday 8 June

🧘‍♀️Join in every Monday for gravity yoga class

👩‍💻You’ll need to have or download zoom

🤸‍♀️Gravity yoga is a mat based practice that helps students with stiff backs, locked up hips and tight hamstrings, this practice delivers quick results with just 15 mins a day!!

🤸‍♀️Gravity yoga is targeted mobility training that involves long-hold stretches. Poses are practiced completely relaxed, passively, so gravity does most of the work-hence the name!

😃This practice is best done in the evening or after any other strenuous exercise not before.
Gravity yoga compliments not replaces other forms of yoga or exercise. Double your flexibility in just 4 weeks..!!

➡️ You will need.. if you have them….

➡️Yoga mat

➡️Yoga block (can improvise with a book)

➡️ A strap ( can improvise with a belt or scarf)


Not suitable for pregnant women. Please advise me of any injuries prior to class.

Charge is £5 each

Bank transfer preferred
SORT: 236972
ACCOUNT: 22140887

The Soul Man Performs an Hour Long Set Live Online
Friday 12 June from 20:00 Tickets £5.00

Buy Tickets Here

The live stream will be shown on the same website page not facebook. We suggest you buy a ticket before the event as ticket emails are sometimes delayed to arrive in your email inbox.

25 % of the ticket price will be donated to St Johns Hospice, Moggerhanger

The filming will be behind closed doors where minimal people will be involved to bring the event to your homes. All work will be Covid-19 Safe.

Bion – his ideas and the current crisis
Saturday 13 June 09:30

Hosted by Bedford Counselling and Training

This is an online zoom CPD. £30 for two hours CPD for counsellors and psychotherapists.

Have you ever wondered what it is that brings about lasting change in our clients? Is thinking involved when we are working with feelings? Bion is known for his theory of containment but how much do we really remember about his wider approach Bion seems to be an easily forgotten theorist. This is a chance to think about how his ideas are still around and what they have to say to us in this time of lockdown and national change.

Marjorie Wittle is a counsellor in private practice in Milton Keynes and a trainer and supervisor with the Counselling Foundation. She is interested in working with people from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and making counselling and counselling training more widely available. Marjorie has experience of working in the NHS and with the AXA Employment Assistance programme.

Summer Solstice at Stonehenge: Live!
Saturday, 20 June 2020 from 20:30-05:30

Hosted by English Heritage

Watch the summer solstice LIVE from Stonehenge, wherever you are in the world! ☀

We can’t welcome you in person this year because of the measures in place to combat coronavirus – but our live coverage of sunset and sunrise means you won’t miss a moment of this special occasion.

Our cameras will capture the best views of Stonehenge, allowing you to connect with this spiritual place from the comfort of your own home.

⚠️ Please, to help keep everyone safe, do not travel to Stonehenge for summer solstice this year. We look forward to welcoming you in person at next year’s event.


We’ll be broadcasting the sunset on Saturday 20th June and the sunrise on Sunday 21st June. Sunset is at 21:26 BST (20:26 GMT) and sunrise is at 04:52 BST (03:52 GMT). We’ll be live for at least 30 minutes before and we’ll be announcing our full schedule soon.


Make sure you’re following our Facebook page to get a notification when we go live. You can also tap ‘Get Reminder’ on the posts we’ll share to this event beforehand to make sure you join us in plenty of time.

Link is Here


Yes! You don’t need to be in the UK to enjoy this year’s summer solstice. With our live stream, you can watch from anywhere in the world.


We’ll be saving our live streams as videos on our Facebook page so you can watch again or catch up on any episodes you miss at a later time.

The Restless Giants – Nature Live Online
Tuesday 30 June 12:00 – 13:00

Hosted by The Natural History Museum

From violent eruptions to breathtaking lava flows, volcanoes are found across the globe and come in many different varieties.

But what causes one volcano to explode and another to erupt more gently? How do they form and why are they found in certain places?

Join Museum researcher Chiara Maria Petrone to find out more about volcanoes and the challenges of exploring them in the field.

Suitable for ages 6+

Hang out with the Nature Live Online team on Tuesdays at 12.00 and Fridays at 10.30 for interactive talks featuring topical discussions with our scientists and cutting-edge research.

All events are free to watch on our website: https://bit.ly/Nature-Live-Online-FB

Nature Live Online is free to view on the Museum’s website, YouTube channel or Facebook page. Please note you do not need to enter any personal information to watch these broadcasts, although you will need to log in to Facebook or YouTube in order to leave a comment.