The Embankment & Russell Park

The Embankment

Often referred to as the “Jewel in the Crown of Bedford” it was created by the Victorians by artifically widening the River Ouse to provide an inland promenade for the people of Bedford to enjoy. The suspension bridge was also added and works were complete by 1888. It is still enjoyed today by locals and visitors alike wether to stroll along its length or just to sit and enjoy the vibrant flower beds. There are three restaurants along its length two of which, The Embankment Hotel and Swan Hotel have bars and outdoor seating areas for you to enjoy the view. On the south side of the river there is a bandstand which is often used on a Sunday by local brass & silver bands.

Bedfords famous River Festival is also held along the Embankment every two years the next is on the 16th & 17th July 2016

Russell Park

Adjacent to the Embankment it was created about ten years later and now provides a number of popular facilities. A newly refurbished and fenced children play area is a the eastern end. are available  The park also has tennis courts, putting green and a cafe located at the eastern end. At the western  end  (town) there is a bowling green. Football pitches are also available from September to April.

The park is also used for the River Festival being home to a number of stalls and the music stages.

Contact Numbers

Bowls (to book a rink May to September, contact 01234 838515 Email:
Football (to book a pitch September to April, contact 01234 351115)
Putting (to book puttingtennistable tennis Easter to October, call 01234 271877).