Ghost Stories of York: Live

Thursday 21 January 2021 from 20:00

Event by The Deathly Dark Tours

Join Mr (and sometimes Mrs) Deathly as he tours the dark and dangerous streets of York – the most haunted city in England!

The tour will last around 80-90 minutes and you can enjoy it live from your own sofa. We’ll even get to explore the dark alleyways which we can’t usually venture into during these difficult times.

There will be TWO alternate routes running while these events take place, and whereas they will share some content (York is not the biggest city) we will work hard to make sure that each tour is unique and individual. Once you purchase a ticket, you will have access to the live tours when they broadcast and for a limited time afterwards. For more information on Dorian and the tours, please visit

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Virtual Tour – Subterranean London

Tuesday 19 January 2021 from 20:00

Event by Footprints of London

Twelve underground places in London that you can visit.

Londoners are used to going underground, being home to the world’s first underground metropolitan railway.

We have perhaps become a little blasé about entering subterranean spaces.

However there is more underneath London than the Tube, and in this virtual tour on Zoom, Rob will tell you about twelve more subterranean London spaces you can visit.

Crypts, caves, tunnels, vaults and bunkers beneath London will be revealed along with their history and the stories of the people that made them.

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