Learn the SWING JIVE at home! (Free!)

Monday 12 October 2020 from 19:00

It’s SWING JIVE week!! A chance to learn a few cool moves that you can use on the social dance floor. No triple steps, it’s smooth all the way!! We will assume no previous knowledge of this style and will hopefully get you dancing at home in no time. We will also look at some basic technique as we go, to give you a little more styling 😃 We will start it on Monday and then complete it on Wednesday, looking at a little technique as we go. Saturday Night’s dance will then give us the opportunity to practise it along with all the other dances we are learning 🙂 We ask you to risk assess your room, make sure you don’t fall over any pets etc!! Our insurance doesn’t cover remote teaching so ‘you do so at your own risk’. Tune into Dancebasics Facebook page at 7pm each evening. We’ll be live on Monday and Wednesday. All teaching videos are then uploaded to BALLROOMDANCE UK youtube channel afterwards for practise/reference at any time. If you would like to donate to us at this time you can do so via Paypal to SHANNAH@DANCEBASICS.CO.UK or via BACS (please contact us for details) Feel free to share this event with your friends, then we can all get together to dance it for real.