Mindful Eating by Catherine Johnson

24 Pages of Mindful Eating advice and tips for a healthier diet and lifestyle, Discover –

The Dangers of Mindless Eating

It’s About Being Aware, not Perfect!

Why is Junk Food So Addictive & Why We Overeat

How Junk Food Affects Your Brain

Emotional Reasons for Junk Food Addiction & Overeating

The 6 Pillars of Mindful Eating

Nutritional Principles of a Healthy, Mindful Diet

The Benefits of Mindful Eating

Understanding The 7 Different Types of Hunger

Discovering How Much Food You Really Need

Being Mindful While You Eat

Dealing with Withdrawal, Cravings, and Slip-Ups

How to Live and Move Mindfully to Complement Your Diet

Mindful Living Tips

Take it One Step at a Time