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Drive-in Airshow – Racing Celebration!

Sunday 4 October 2020 from 10:00

Hosted by The Shuttleworth Collection

Motorsport fans starved of action during lockdown get a rare treat on Sunday, October 4, when the Shuttleworth Collection hosts its annual Race Day sprint. Following the pattern set by a number of successful Covid-19 safe and secure ‘drive-in’ public air shows during the summer, the emphasis turns from wings to wheels with over 70 old-timer cars and motorcycles scheduled to take part at Old Warden, near Biggleswade, Bedfordshire. Bringing together two and four-wheel machines from the Veteran, Edwardian and Vintage eras in a public parade, plus the opportunity for owners to demonstrate their vehicle on a grass sprint track that runs alongside the Old Warden airstrip is the simple formula. This year the cars will run on an extended course that also takes them around part of the perimeter of the airfield. Race Day is truly a Celebration of some of the best times of motoring and motorsport – plus there’s the opportunity to see some of the finest historic aircraft from the world-renowned Shuttleworth Collection in action: Last year the likes of the mighty Pope Toledo Gordon Bennet Trophy racer, Delage Type X and Vauxhall 30/98 put four wheels on the ground, the Scott Flying Squirrel two, whilst the De Haviland Comet (winner of the 1934 England to Australia race), the Miles Hawk Speed Six and Mew Gull demonstrated Thirties racing in the skies. It’s not a competition – no licences needed – the event allows owners who take part to display and demonstrate, cherished machines that have been sitting idle in past months waiting for the opportunity to exercise once more. Everyone will, however, be competing for one award: the Spirit of Shuttleworth trophy, presented to the participant ‘most epitomising the spirit’ of the Collection’s inspiration, Richard Shuttleworth. 

The Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden Aerodrome, Hill Lane, Biggleswade SG18 9EP Phone  01767 627927

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