A Day of Psychic Exploration with Vivienne Cardin (Online)

Saturday 3 October 2020 from 10:00 – 16:00

Hosted by Wicklow Holistic CentreCeltic School of Spiritual Studies and Spiritual & Angelic Euphoria

This is a one-off online event – a fun and exciting day that will enable you to explore your abilities and amaze yourself!
We are all born psychic and throughout our lives, we experience our sixth sense, sometimes without even realising it. Join Vivienne Cardin, Psychic Medium, for a fun day of exploring these hidden gifts and talents.
The day will include lots of exercises to expand your awareness of auras, colours and soul reading. Pendulum work and psychometry are also included. Gain knowledge of how our abilities work and the difference between psychic abilities and mediumship. Vivienne will include one of her beautiful Angelic Meditations and will also show you other ways to raise your vibration.
Your investment for this experiential workshop is £68.00 payable through Paypal. For bookings and information please pm Vivienne at Celtic School of Spiritual Studies. Information on Vivienne’s work can be found on her pages Spiritual & Angelic Euphoria and Celtic School of Spiritual Studies. Her website is www.viviennecardinmedium.com

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